Current projects

These projects are being actively worked on, whenever I find the time to sit down and look into feature implementation and bug fixing.

Webpages that contain various different in-browser tools. As of right now it’s not open-source.

Written in PHP.



GitHub repository

A plaintext API for chatbots like Nightbot, StreamLabs, Phantombot and more to utilize.
Check out this blog post to see how to integrate it into bots.
For more “advanced users” / other developers, take a look at the documentation.

Written in PHP using the Laravel framework.

Discord Server Change

GitHub repository

A basic chatbot that makes it more convenient to change Discord server regions.
Written in Node.js using Discord.js.

PUBG bot

Discord moderation bot. A custom moderation bot I create and manage for the official PUBG Discord server, written in Node.js using Discord.js.


Twitch Log Bot

GitHub repository

A Twitch chat logging bot I made for moderation purposes, written in Node.js.


Other posts & projects

These blog posts cover a variety of things. Some of them are guides, others mainly just give an overview of something.
Can be a bit more user-friendly as the posts generally document each subject further than just a short description.


Garry’s Mod [Lua]