I work on a handful of projects in my free time. The list below shows the ones I regularly work on, but it’s not a complete list.
If you’re interested in a more complete list of projects I have done in the past or I work less frequently on, then I suggest you take a look at my GitHub page: Decicus.

Current projects

These projects are being actively worked on, whenever I find the time to sit down and look into feature implementation and bug fixing.

Webpages that contain various different in-browser tools. As of right now it’s not open-source.

Written in PHP.



GitHub repository

A plaintext API for chatbots like Nightbot, StreamLabs, Phantombot and more to utilize.
Check out this blog post to see how to integrate it into bots.
For more “advanced users” / other developers, take a look at the documentation.

Written in PHP using the Laravel framework.

DecAPI’s production environment

The production environment of DecAPI consists of:

Since the application itself is the main bottleneck, it should allow easy horizontal scaling whenever necessary.
At the moment the environment handles about 30 requests per second during peak times (without any issues).

Quick sketch of the layout of DecAPI's production environment

PUBG bot

Discord moderation bot. A custom moderation bot I create and manage for the official PUBG Discord server, written in Node.js using Discord.js.


These blog posts cover a variety of things. Some of them are guides, others mainly just give an overview of something.
Can be a bit more user-friendly as the posts generally document each subject further than just a short description.


Garry’s Mod [Lua]